In course of CityLeaks Urban Art Festival NEOLA art projects presents a unique combination of contemporary and urban art from Turkey and Germany in the high-rise bunker K101.

The unusual atmosphere of the bunker, which once served as a hiding place, provides the young artist a special playground to interact with the audience through their works. The presentation of various works and established projects allows an insight into the art and culture scene in Turkey.

Along with graffiti, painting, sculpture, photography as well as video and installations NEOLA art projects presents both, an interactive work in progress and established works of young talents among others CINS, RAD DAR, Tunç "TURBO" Dindaş/ S2K crew, Küf Projects, Hero, Lakormis, Nuka, Mural Istanbul Street Art Festival, Pet05/ Street Art Festival Istanbul, occupygezi architecture and contemporary artists like Özge Enginöz, Christoph Lajendäcker, Meltem Sırtıkara, Cem Dinlenmiş and Therese Koppe.

Besides the exhibition NEOLA art projects invites you to workshops, screenings (Urbanbugs - A Street Art Documentary), concerts and discussions.

Hidden Playgrounds
Vernissage: September 4, 2015, 19h (with a musical intervention by Elektro Hafız)
Open: Thu-Sun 17-22h, 4-18 September, 2015
Location: Hochbunker K101 (Körnerstraße 101), Cologne


September 4, 2015, 19h  Musical intervention by Elektro Hafız
Elektro Hafız is a musician born and raised in Istanbul, who has only recently moved to Cologne, Germany. He has shown and proven openness to various and sometimes contradicting music genres by mixing oriental instruments like the electric saz, darbuka and finger cymbals with electronic and modern sounds. He loves to play with these opposing genres in order to provoke, mix these and in doing so creating new compositions.
This open and experimental approach is still his trademark, as well as his charming provocative style that is complemented by a healthy dose of humor. Elektro Hafız reflects through his music the mixture and chaotic facets of the urban life style of Istanbul.


September 11, 2015, 20h   Urbanbugs - A Street Art Documentary by Aykut Alp Ersoy

Urbanbugs is a documentary from Turkey focuses on street art concepts such as Graffiti, Stencil, Wheatpasting. Besides it's visual contribution to the urban life, street art concepts became a sociological matter due to the their political messages. In this context, this documentary is trying to analyse the sociocultural reflections of street art concept in Turkey.

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Impressions of the exhibition

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